40N Concrete


Steps & paths | Wall foundations | General purpose concrete projects

This product has been used to construct basements, major bridges, railways and airports.


  • Minimal mixing – just add water


When mixed with approximately 2.5 litres of water, a MaxiPack25 will produce approx. 0.01m3 of concrete and cover:

  • 0.13m2 @ 75mm thick

  • 0.10m2 @ 100mm thick

When mixed with approximately 2 litres of water, a MaxiPack20 pack will produce approx. 0.008m3 of concrete and cover:

  • 0.10m2 @ 75mm thick

  • 0.08m2 @ 100mm thick

Pallet quantity 

80 Midipacks/56 Maxipacks, approximately per 1.4 tonne pallet


  • Product supplied in paper bag
  • Store in a dry place