Conservation mortars

Conservation, restoration and renovation

Our range of lime products offer an environmentally friendly alternative to cement in mortars and renders, and includes putty and plaster products. Limes can provide a more flexible bond between bricks and NHL limes acan be used in most building applications.

Hanson's range of packed conservation mortars include:

Hydrated Lime

Hydrated Lime.

For use in Cement: Sand, Lime mortars.

Hydraulic Lime NHL 2

Hydraulic Lime NHL 2.

For use in Lime: Sand mortar, render and plaster.

Hydraulic Lime NHL 3,5

Hydraulic Lime NHL 3,5.

Offers excellent workability and good water retention.

Hydraulic Lime NHL 5

Hydraulic Lime NHL 5.

For use in Lime: Sand mortar, render and plaster.

Lime Putty

Lime Putty.

A traditional, matured, slaked lime putty for use in mortar, render and plaster.

Fine Lime Plaster

Fine Lime Plaster.

A traditional lime: Sand wet mortar mix.

Hanson Merchant Academy.

To help you find out more about our cement and ready-to-use products, we’ve launched the Hanson Merchant Academy, a set of online training modules aimed at giving you the knowledge you need about our core products.