Patched & Permanent repair

Our range of packed Asphalt includes temporary patch-repair and a professional, HAPAS approved permanent pothole repair system. Repairs to potholes can be achieved quickly and easily with this range of asphalts.

Hanson's range of packed asphalts include:

Road Repair Asphalt

Road Repair Asphalt.

Designed to provide instant permanent pothole repairs.

Road Repair Bitumen Sealer

Road Repair Bitumen Sealer.

To be used alongside Hanson Road Repair Asphalt for HAPAS approved pothole repairs.

Drive Repair Macadam / Asphalt

Drive Repair Macadam/Asphalt.

The ideal solution for patching driveways and paths.

How to use Hanson Road Repair Asphalt

Hanson Merchant Academy.

To help you find out more about our cement and ready-to-use products, we’ve launched the Hanson Merchant Academy, a set of online training modules aimed at giving you the knowledge you need about our core products.